In-Store Event Band’s Album Reviews

Thrash Records Meet and Greet/In store Events

  • Thrash Records Grand Opening
    • Saturday April 11, 1987
  • Dark Angel
    •  In Store 1:00 PM
    • Dark Angel/Possessed Co-Headline Tour Saturday 8:00 PM Fenders Ballroom Long Beach, CA
  • King Diamond
    • In store with band and Mickey Dee before he joined Motorhead, Abigail World Tour
  • Bathory
    • In Store with Quorthon U.S. Label album release promotion for Under the Sign of the Black Mark album.
  •  Sacrifice
    • In store Metal Blade album release promotion for Forward to Termination album
  • Celtic Frost
    • In store with Tom G. Warrior, Influential Death Metal Iconic band
  • Destruction
    • In store for the co-headline tour with the Cro-mags, Country Club Resada, CA Friday 8:00 PM. Fender’s Ballroom Long Beach, CA Saturday 8:00 PM.




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